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Numerous agencies can talk tech to a VP of information systems, but few can address the daily issues of diverse line and function managers. MarkComm brings decades of experience communicating to business unit executives about dramatic business improvements enabled by technology.

MarkComm communications appeal to the decision makers using their language and focusing on their key pain points and ROI opportunities.

Whether with written communications or presenting research at conferences as a highly credible, independent third-party, MarkComm people have served numerous technology companies, including:

Business Objects
GERS/Escalate Retail

Professional Services
Professional services companies need to support practice leaders who are building business while achieving billable goals. Companies need to provide marketing communications that scale up and down with minimal demand on internal experts’ time. MarkComm fills that need, delivering the quality and knowledgeable industry-focused communications while minimizing your experts’ time.

MarkComm people have planned and managed enterprisewide marketing and communications initiatives that have enabled firms to grow faster than competitors. MarkComm experience includes creating and producing the marketing initiatives that won industry acceptance of new, transforming management concepts (i.e., Quick Response, Efficient Consumer Response). It also includes delivering an effective marketing mix of research studies, press relations, industry liaisons, pilots, direct mail, telemarketing, and conferences as well efficient systems for producing high-quality materials cost-effectively.

Supply Chain

MarkComm people have written about the transformation of supply chain processes and systems for decades.

MarkComm’s experience involves supply chain visibility, demand-driven replenishment, outsourcing, 3PLs, warehouse productivity, CPFR, global sourcing issues, floor-ready merchandise, cross-docking, collaborative transportation management, pre- versus post-distribution, WMS, TMS, port congestion, multi-modal, in-transit planning, ASNs, compliance, DSD, package shipment, TL, LTL, cube optimization, active picking, wave picking, voice systems, pick to light, robotics, inventory reduction, and much more.

For the major standards and best practices organization in supply chain (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions), MarkComm creates newsletters and website content. Said the CEO of VICS commenting on MarkComm’s work: “MarkComm continues to create exceptional communications for us. Our members are the leading innovators and change champions at the most advanced corporations in retailing and consumer goods. Mark has managed to add valuable content, style, and impact to our communications, and our highly discerning Fortune 500 executive members consider those communications a value-added benefit they receive from our organization.”


Publications select MarkComm for articles and special projects such as management awards, whitepapers and industry research.

MarkComm people bring a superior record of results in publishing. Results include:

Leading the turnaround of two business technology magazines simultaneously, resulting in a tripling of magazine revenues in 5 years.
While holding editorial expenses below industry averages, refocusing editorial content and creating new supplements, resulting in superior subscription and advertising performance.
Identifying topics and signing speakers that attracted conference attendees, resulting in quadrupling of conference revenues in 3 years.