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Mark Frantz, Principal at MarkComm, is widely recognized as an industry writer and speaker. He covers business process and technology trends, and brings a strong historical awareness of the evolution of management concepts and technology issues within retail, consumer goods, and related industries such as supply chain and technology.

Mark Frantz has written hundreds of articles published in magazines and industry websites, served as feature or keynote speaker at more than three dozen industry conferences. Part of that record occurred as chief editor of RIS News and Consumer Goods Technology magazines; part occurred as Principal at MarkComm.

In the ’80s and ’90s, Mark headed communications for the international management consulting firm Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA). There, he focused on winning industry acceptance of the then-emerging management concepts of Quick Response and later ECR while supporting ongoing practice areas in IT, strategy, marketing, manufacturing operations, and supply chain. During Mark’s 8 1⁄2-year tenure, the firm steadily grew from the 40th largest to the 34th largest management consulting firm.

Prior to KSA, while working for the boutique Madison Avenue firm Tecton Media, which specialized as the marketing/ad agency for professional services companies, he created dozens of annual reports (especially letters from the chairman), corporate brochures, white papers, advertisements, and speeches. He created the firm’s consulting division and developed strategic marketing plans for dozens of corporations with revenues ranging from $30 million to $3 billion. During his tenure, Mark became a partner at the firm, and the firm grew from 3 to 21 people.