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“MarkComm continues to create exceptional communications for us. Our members are the leading innovators and change champions at the most advanced corporations in retailing and consumer goods. Mark has managed to add valuable content, style, and impact to our communications, and our highly discerning Fortune 500 executive members consider those communications a value-added benefit they receive from our organization.”
— Joe Andraski, CEO, VICS

“The marketing communications approach developed with MarkComm for retail and consumer goods industry was successful and enabled us to identify specific business pain points and ROI opportunities for key market initiatives.”
— Russ Hill, Sr Director, Retail, CPG, Distribution WW Industry Marketing, Business Objects

“MarkComm continues to do a great job. We have one of the best newsletters in the industry, if not the best!”
— Joe Andraski, CEO, VICS

“MarkComm brings a remarkable knowledge of business processes, technology, and business issues. That enables a very efficient delivery of articles and other materials that executives and magazines appreciate.”
Publisher, A Leading Business Press Publication

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